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does anyone familier with using quota-delete-entry

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does anyone familier with using quota-delete-entry, I am able to delete quota type "user" with the "*" specifier but does not allow mw to use the "tree" with the full pathname

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    The Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit wraps the Manage ONTAP API.  Remove-naquota is basically quota-delete-entry..


    The * is a wildcard for "default". To delete a specific quota use the type, the qtree path, and the volume


    PS C:\> remove-naquota tree /vol/vol1/qt_test vol1
    PS C:\>


    Now let's add a user quota to qt_test


    PS C:\> add-naquota user /vol/vol1/qt_test vol1

    Name                           Value
    ----                           -----
    DiskLimitKB                    -
    FileLimit                      -
    PerformUserMapping             False
    ThresholdKB                    -
    SoftDiskLimitKB                -
    SoftFileLimit                  -


    New let's delete it:


    PS C:\> remove-naquota user /vol/vol1/qt_test vol1
    PS C:\>



    Since this is a quota on a specific tree and not a default, I use the parameters <type> <qtree path> and <volume>.  Type can be tree, user, or group.  The type must match the type of quota it is.


    Does that help?




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