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LUN-CONFIGURATION: Alignment: partial-writes - Meaning what?

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I am going through a customer configuration in ASUP and I want to understand an entry in the LUN-CONFIGURATION section.  Under Alignment: is has "partial-writes".  I want to understand this.


Here is a paste of the entry:


/vol/lun_002_vol/lun_002      14t (15393162788864) (r/w, online, mapped)

Serial#: D1kAu]E2D66a

Share: none

Space Reservation: enabled

Multiprotocol Type: vmware

Maps: ***REMOVED for posting****

Occupied Size:  102.5m (107429888)   

Creation Time: Wed Jan 22 13:38:08 EST 2014

Alignment: partial-writes

Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0

Space_alloc: disabled

report-physical-size: enabled


Is this telling me the LUN is not aligned?  If not, what exactly is it telling me?

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