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Multipathing NetApp C-Mode LUN on RHEL 5.8

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Hi Guys,


I am new to NetApp C-Mode, I have created and mapped the LUNs to Linux server but multipathing is not working for me can any one help me what I need to change in /etc/multipath.conf file


Currently I have this configuration in my /etc/multipath.conf file


defaults {

                              user_friendly_names           no

                              queue_without_daemon           no

                              flush_on_last_del          yes

                              max_fds                              max

                              pg_prio_calc                    avg


blacklist {

                    devnode "^(ram|raw|loop|fd|md|dm-|sr|scd|st)[0-9]*"

                    devnode "^hd[a-z]"

                    devnode "^cciss.*"



devices {

       device {

               vendor                  "NETAPP"

               product                 "LUN"

               getuid_callout          "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n"

               prio_callout            "/sbin/mpath_prio_alua /dev/%n"

               features                "3 queue if no path pg_init_retries 50"

               hardware_handler        "1 alua"

               path_grouping_policy    group_by_prio

               failback                immediate

               rr_weight               uniform

               rr_min_io               128

               path_checker            tur

               path_selector           "round-robin 0"




But it shows Multipath-provider: NONE while running the command sanlun lun show -p it seems multipath not set yet

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