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Using 5.1 NM SDK with Certificate based authentication against cluster mode 8.2

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Hello all, I am attempting to use the 5.1 NM SDK via Perl to automate some processes against a cluster mode 8.2 vServer. Based on the SDK documentation for the "NaServer::set_style" method my options for authentication against the filer are LOGIN, HOSTS, or CERTIFICATE. Since this is cluster mode and there is no longer a /etc/hosts.equiv file that means all I can use are LOGIN and CERTIFICATE. If I choose LOGIN I can access all of the functions of the API and everything works perfectly, however I don't really want to have to embed a username and password inside of a script.


I followed the article below to get CERTIFICATE authentication setup. I can tell that the CERTIFICATE authentication is working because I can use the API 'system-get-version' object to retrieve the version and other attributes from the vServer. However if I attempt to use any of the volume related APIs such as 'volume-get-iter' or 'volume-clone-get' I receive a failed results status from the NaServer::invoke_elem method with a reason of 'not authorized for that command'. It appears that there may only be a limited set of API functionality when using CERTIFICATE authentication over LOGIN.


Has anyone had success using CERTIFICATE authetication against an 8.2 cluster mode vServer? any insight would be appreciated! thanks!