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Snapvault on Secondary

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I am trying to backup of all qtrees in my one of the volume. I am using snapvault to take backup each qtree on a secondary filer. I have not created any snapvault back on my primary filer. Snapvault is created only Secondary filer.


On Source/Primary Filer (Filer_Src)





On Destination/Secondary Filer (Filer_Dest)



snapvault start -S Filer_Src_IP:/vol/MyVolume/qtree_1      Filer_Dest_IP:/vol/Vol_Vault_1/Vault_qtree

After baseline transfer, it reaches  State = Snapvaulted

Filer_Src> snapvault status

Snapvault is ON.

Source                                 Destination                                                     State           Lag        Status

Filer_Src:/vol/MyVolume/qtree_1  Filer_Dest:/vol/Vol_Vault_1/Vault_qtree t  Snapvaulted    36:18:38    Idle


Then I have set snapvault snap sched on Secondary Volume. Note that have not created any snapvault on source filer/volume.

snapvault snap sched -x Vol_Vault_1    Snapshot_Name_Nighly 7@0

snapvault snap sched -x Vol_Vault_1    SnapvaultPrimary_Weekly 3@2@sun


I did above steps for qtree_2 and qtree3 as well.


After 2 days, I see snapshots area created for Nightly. But, I have observed below error (snapvault status -l)



Source:             Filler_Src:/vol/MyVolume/qtree_1
Destination:        Filer_Dest:/vol/Vol_Vault_1/Vault_qtree
Status:             Idle
Progress:           -
State:              Snapvaulted
Lag:                62:39:42
Mirror Timestamp:   Fri Jan 10 09:04:15 GMT 2014
Base Snapshot:      Filer_Dest(1573969425)_vol_Vault_1-base.2

Current Transfer Type:  Retry

Current Transfer Error: destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source   <========

Contents:           Replica
Last Transfer Type: Initialize
Last Transfer Size: 19014276 KB

Last Transfer Duration: 00:01:06

Last Transfer From: Filler_Src:/vol/MyVolume/qtree_1


My question:

1. Current Transfer Error: How to stop this error? Is my backup/sanpvault is stopped now?

2. Is it mandatory to create snapvault on Primary VOlume/Filer also ? I dont want to create any snapvault on Primary Volume.


Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Giri,


    Yes you need to create at least one snapvault snapshot on Primary volume and the snapshot name must be the same as secondary. In your case, you need to use Snapshot_Name_Nighly and SnapvaultPrimary_Weekly.




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      He Ye,


      Thanks for the help, but I see still log time getting increased every day. Is this expected?


      bgl-ucsm-netapp-filer-A> snapvault status

      Snapvault is ON.

      Source                                               Destination                                                                                State          Lag        Status  netapp-filer-A:/vol/aachinna_vol/aachinna_qtree_vault                   Snapvaulted    43:48:14   Idle   netapp-filer-A:/vol/amsinha_vol/amsinha_qtree_vault                    Snapvaulted    06:15:42   Idle    netapp-filer-A:/vol/anlohiya_vol/anlohiya_qtree_vault                     Snapvaulted    37:14:34   Idle    netapp-filer-A:/vol/vol_anarmu2/anarmu_qtree_vault                      Snapvaulted    48:05:30   Idle

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