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CDOT: JunctionPath $null

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Hi all,


I have some problem with the build in command "Create Volume" (C-Mode).


My scenario:

1. Create export policy primary - works fine

2. Create export rule primary - works fine

3. Create volume primary (type rw) - works fine


4. Create export policy secondary - works fine

5. Create export rule secondary - works fine

6. Create volume secondary (type dp) - works particular: junction path is not set


New-NcVol -name xyv ... ... ... -JunctionPath $null


Attached you can find a screenshot of the attributes for the Create Volume.


Any ideas on this?




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    Hi Christian,


    the code of the Create Volume command sets the junction path to $null (so it is not mounted into the namespace) for all volumes that are not of type rw. This is probably based on the assumption that you don't want to to configure access on DR mirrors. However, it is a best practice to pre-mount DR volumes so this should probably be changed in WFA, - I'll try to bring this up with the right people.


    There are two possible solutions:


    • Modify the Create Volume command. Note that this will make the command a non-certified command and you won't benefit from future improvements that are made to this command.
    • Add the Mount Volume command as an additional step to your workflow


    Hope this helps



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