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Trying to resolve snapmirror conflicts while snapvault is running in a cascade fashion.

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Setup:  Primary controllers mirror hourly to onsite mirror controllers.  We obtain a remote location and I start setting up snapvault off the mirror controllers.  Plan to vault once per day.  However I have encountered issues where the mirror job in Protection Manager is placed on hold due to the snapvault job running (job xxx is waiting on job yyy).  Am I able to have the vault running from the mirror to the offsite controller while the onsite primary continues to snapmirror to the onsite mirror controller?  I was under the impression SV took a snapshot on the source, compared it with the data it had, and then copied any deltas.  Wouldn't that allow for updates on the source (i.e. mirror changes coming from the primary)?  Or does SV compare the last snap it has with the data on the source, copy deltas and make a new snap?


In any case, is there a way I can have both running - my mirror controller as a destination for SM onsite while doing SV to the offsite controller?

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