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Still working but lost to SnapDrive for Windows

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A few days ago my snapshot script which uses SnapDrive for Windows to snap some volumes stopped working. The disks are there, the database works.


The key events leading up to this were while I was on holidays last week. A memory DIMM died. They opened the server and replaced the memory, They left a network cable disconnected.

The server has 3 subnets

  1. Service to the users
  2. iSCSI network 1 for MPIO
  3. iSCSI network 2 for MPIO

Link 2 was down and was not connected at boot time.


To reboot the server will cause downtime to a lot of people and I would have to argue the case with the Change Manager.


If I try to take a snapshot I get this:


C:\>sdcli snap create -s test -D d

Initializing...SS06 : Checking policies

SS06 : Ready to create snapshot copy

Unable to create a Snapshot of a LUN.

Error: Unable to locate a LUN to perform requested operation.


It generates an email

Subject: Data ONTAP LUN Manager Auto Notification - Generic event : Error

LUN Manager Event Detail:

Computer Name: SS06

Event ID: 310

Type: Error

Category: Generic event

  Description: Failed to enumerate LUNs.

Error code: 0x80041045

Error description: 'Server buffers are full and data cannot be accepted



We should see disks D, E, L and K. I can access the disks and see the in disk management.

C:\>sdcli disk list

No Virtual disk.


Either no LUNs exist or SnapDrive could not detect any LUNs

The operation completed successfully.


Not much showing here - SDW version is 6.4.2.

C:\>sdcli sysconfig list

        SnapDrive, Build: 6.4.2

        Machine name: HQDB06

        MPIO is not installed - NOT TRUE!!!!!

        Available drive letters: F G H I J M N O P Q R S T U W X Y

        1 driver(s):

                FC driver

                2 FC adapter(s):

                        Node WWN: 20:00:00:e0:8b:18:ca:0f

                        Adapter Name: com.qlogic-QLA2340-0

                        1 FC port(s):

                                Port WWN:               21:00:00:e0:8b:18:ca:0f

                                Port symbolic name:

                                OS device name:         \\.\Scsi2:



                        Node WWN: 20:00:00:e0:8b:18:72:24

                        Adapter Name: com.qlogic-QLA2340-1

                        1 FC port(s):

                                Port WWN:               21:00:00:e0:8b:18:72:24

                                Port symbolic name:

                                OS device name:         \\.\Scsi3:

The operation completed successfully.



"Data ONTAP DSM Management Service" is running but there are no virtual disks listed.

"SnapDrive" and "SnapDrive Management Service" were running and have been restarted.



The server is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2

Data ONTAP DSM is version 3.5 (3.5.4118.1916) and could be upgraded.

SnapDrive 6.4.2 (

Host Utilities is 6.0.2 (6.0.4649.1236)



Do I have to reboot?

Can I restart the "Data ONTAP DSM Management Service" with the disks attached and the database up?

Will a reboot fix it?


All help welcome.

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    The root cause of the trouble appears to have been the Windows Management Instrumentation service and you can stop it and the DSM Management Service without causing trouble. 

        C:\>net stop "Windows Management Instrumentation"

    This will ask if it can stop other services.


        Data ONTAP DSM Management Service

        SMS Agent Host

    Say yes and let the services stop.

    Then restart the services

        net start "Windows Management Instrumentation"

        net start "SnapDrive"

        net start "Data ONTAP DSM Management Service"

        net start "SMS Agent Host"


    I can now see my disks through SnapDrive and I can see the paths through the "Data ONTAP DSM Management" section in Computer Management.

    There was no disruption to the SQL database. All completely safe.



    'Server buffers are full and data cannot be accepted' appears to be the classic WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) error message.

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