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SnapVault Replication

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Hello everyone,


I wanted to know,

Is using snap-vault replication as a DR replication is a legitimate Idea?


If I choose to use this method, how does it all works?

what do I need to do in order to power on servers on the DR site?

is there any procedures to swap the replication? (DR -> main)


what are the disadvantages in this method?


At first we was hoping to use snap-mirror but it seems to be way more expensive.

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    Hi Boris,


    SnapVault may work well for transporting the data from Primary to DR, so could be 'good enough' for DR purposes.


    However, once you start making changes to your data at DR, there is no way to replicate them back to Primary - unless you do a full baseline transfer.



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    Snapvault is mainly used for backup purpose whereas snapmirrorcan be more effectively for DR.

    When you say it is more expensive, do you mean the license?

    It depends on your environment so if you give a bit more details about what's in there and what is your objective it will be easier to answer.




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      We are still at the design phase.

      snap-mirror is expensive in terms of capacity.


      we were hoping to create 21 daily snapshots, but we need them on one site only, preferably on the DR site.

      with snap-mirror - there will be a waste of capacity for all these snapshots.


      in addition, the DR site does become production every now and then (for a week maybe 2 twice a year), so we need the "swap replication" feature.


      Thanks in advance.

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