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datawarehouse string functions

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Hi .

Im having a problem that im not serten how to solve.

in the volue capacity datamart there is an object called "storage pool" that gives me what i want( and more).

this field gives me a storage pool that is connected to a specific host.

but it gives me more the i need, for instance i ad host field and storage pool i get:

Host          storage pool

BEET        AGGREGATE:NtapiSCSI1:vol0


but im only intrested in the par between the ':' or NtapiSCSI1.


is there a way to solve that?




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    Hey Jonas,


    There probably is, but before we go down that road...


    Are you playing with the OCI demo database (the hostname "beet" seems suspiciously familiar)? That is a sales tool, and not a training tool. Attempting to build custom reports off of it may be hazardous to your sanity as the data may not be realistic.


    What you seem to be seeing is an internal volume name (flexvol in Ontap-speak), and not a storage pool name (aggregate in Ontap-speak), but this might be due to manually created data in the demo db.


    That all said, if you are convinced you'd need to do a similar string function, we can take a look tomorrow. I know you could do this with SQL if you were building a SQL based report, but I am not enough of a Cognos guy to be able to swear this could be done in Cognos, although I strongly suspect it could be (I know we have a "NetApp vendor centric report" kicking around we have created that breaks apart HA pairs into individual controllers to report at that level for shops coming to OCI from DFM / Ops Manager that had a similar methodology - in this report we are doing some string magic to crack apart HA pair array names, etc.

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