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Is it possible to monitor syncmirror aggregates using Oncommand?

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Hello all,


Is there way we can monitor syncmirror aggregates using Oncommand and generate events when they change state?


aggregates states like out-of-date, resyncing, mirror degraded etc.




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    Hi Suresh,

         I checked the OCUM events and found that there are no events related to syncmirror aggr.

    There is one attribute about Aggregate Mirrored, which should say if aggregate is sync mirrored or not.


    lnx142-x2:~ # dfm report catalog list -R Aggregate | grep -i mirror

    Mirrored                            Aggregate Mirrored

    lnx142-x2:~ #


    But we do have event for sync and semi sync snapmirrors.


    lnx142-x2:~ # dfm eventtype list | grep -i sync

    snapmirror-resync:aborted                     Warning      sm.resync

    snapmirror-resync:completed                   Normal       sm.resync

    snapmirror-resync:failed                      Error        sm.resync

    sync-snapmirror:in-sync                       Information  sm.sync

    sync-snapmirror:out-of-sync                   Warning      sm.sync

    lnx142-x2:~ # dfm eventtype list | grep -i degrade

    lnx142-x2:~ # dfm eventtype list | grep -i out

    snapmirror:nearly-out-of-date                 Warning      sm.lag

    snapmirror:out-of-date                        Error        sm.lag

    snapvault-replica:nearly-out-of-date          Warning      snapvault-replica

    snapvault-replica:out-of-date                 Error        snapvault-replica

    sync-snapmirror:out-of-sync                   Warning      sm.sync

    lnx142-x2:~ #




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