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adding vlan on vif

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I am trying to create vlan on existing vif for iscsi and nfs, hope someone check this statement and correct it for me if I am wrong please?

Right now both nfs and iscsi are on sanvif2 and do not have vlan.

>rdfile /rc/rc

#Regenerated by registry Thu Aug 18 16:08:42 EDT 2011

#Auto-generated by setup Thu Aug 18 16:24:32 GMT 2011

hostname MYNETAPP2

ifgrp create single lanvif2 e0a

ifgrp create multi sanvif2 -b ip e0d e0c e0b

ifconfig lanvif2 `hostname`-lanvif2 netmask mediatype auto mtusize 1500 -wins partner lanvif1

ifconfig sanvif2 `hostname`-sanvif2 netmask partner sanvif1 mtusize 1500 trusted -wins up

ifconfig sanvif2 alias netmask

ifconfig sanvif2 alias netmask

route add default 1

route add net 10.10.2/24 1

routed on

options dns.domainname MYDOMAIN.local

options dns.enable on

options nis.enable off



create new vlan


>vlan create sanvif2 50 100
>ifconfig sanvif2-50 `hostname`-sanvif2-50 netmask partner sanvif1-50 mtusize 1500 trusted -wins up

host file sanvif2-50
Do it on partner
>vlan create sanvif2 50 100
>ifconfig sanvif1-50 `hostname`-sanvif2-50 netmask partner sanvif2-50 mtusize 1500 trusted -wins up

I am not sure whether I have to create two , one for iscsi and other for nfs.

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    II was going to say that I didn't think you could create vlans an an interface that is already plumbed, but it looks like 8.0 does allow tagged and untagged traffic on the same physical interface - but you should be sure that that is, indeed, what you want to do.  If not, you'd need to ifconfig down sanvif2, vlan create (include a vlan for the existing network), then ifconfig all three vlans.  Otherwise, I think this looks okay.  Remember to put your config lines in /etc/rc as well.


    You should definitely isolate iscsi traffic.


    Hope this helps.


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      The oncomand system did not allow me to create the vlan so I did try with cli.
      I was able to create vlan. One shows as Vlan Indices:50 and othe other shows as VLAN ID: 50
      Am I on the correct path?


      > vlan stat


      Vlan Physical Interface:  sanvif2  () --
                 Vlan Indices:  50
                         GVRP:  disabled


      Total frames:     4275m | Total bytes:     28072g | Multi/broadcast:   639k
      Untag drops:         0  | Vlan tag drops:      0
      Total frames:     4209m | Total bytes:       121t


      Vlan Interface: sanvif2-50   () --
            VLAN ID: 50
         MAC Address: 02:a0:98:2c:21:82


      Total frames:        0  | Total bytes:         0  | Multi/broadcast:     0
      Total frames:        0  | Total bytes:         0  | Multi/broadcast:     0
      Queue overflows:     0

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