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I have Snapcreator 4.0p1 server on windows and snapcreator 4.0p1 agent on Linux with Oracle.

I would like to use "clone vol" action , map luns on a third linux machine (test machine), then run a script on the test machine for  import vx dg and mount filesystem.

Here the main variables used in config file:


SC_AGENT=oraprod6N:9090  (the PROD oracle machine)



(lun mapped on the TEST machine)


SC_CLONE_TARGET= (the TEST machine)


POST_CLONE_CREATE_CMD01=/opt/netapp/script_sc/post_mount_test.sh  (script for mount fs from cloned luns on the TEST machine)


I expect that the script will run on the test machine, but it seems executed on the agent oraprod6N (PROD machine)


[2013-10-08 16:01:11,400] INFO: [oraprod6N:9090 (] Executing Post clone create command [/opt/netapp/script_sc/post_mount_test.sh] on oraprod6N

[2013-10-08 16:01:11,400] DEBUG: [oraprod6N:9090 (] Executing command [/opt/netapp/script_sc/post_mount_test.sh]

[2013-10-08 16:01:11,400] TRACE: Command [/opt/netapp/script_sc/post_mount_test.sh] finished with

exit code: [-1]




From installation guide


Snap Creator has the capability to perform clone operations.

Using the action cloneVol in combination with {PRE|POST}_CLONE_CREATE_CMDxx, you can handle the storage objects on the remote side. For example, mounting/

unmounting file systems. To specify a clone target, enter its name or IP address followed by a colon and the port the Snap Creator Agent is listening on.


many thanks,


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