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Steps to initilize and setup a NAS filer.

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The filer 3200 series has been already cabled, and powered on. I am looking for a cook book, listing all required steps to set it up, either in high level or details in each step. In high level, what I can think of is following:


- configure network
- setup cifs

- setup aggr, volume...

- snapmirror

- go through all options.

- ...


Please input anthing you can think of.



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    Which version of Data OnTap are you planning on using? There is an Install / Upgrade guide for each version. Also the System Admin and Storage Admin guides provide additional details for configuration.


    The filer will start with a setup script that will handle some basics and get it online to the point where you can configure it via web page or ssh.


    Each setup will be different depending on the purpose of the filer and the type of disks / networking / file access protocols that will be used.


    In general, once the cabling is completed and the components power up with green lights,

    run through the initial setup script

    then you can change the networking to add vlan tagging or multi-level ifgrps (update /etc/rc)

    secureadmin should already be enabled if the initial install is a version 8

    configure the aggregate(s) as desired - may require moving vol0 around depending on how the initial aggr was configured during setup

    configure vol0 - this volume's snap sched / snap reserve / language will be used as the default for all new volumes created.

    add all licenses

    verify fibre connectivity if needed

    start up all file access protocols that will be needed

    configure cifs, join AD if required

    add local users for admin and other purposes

    setup snmp

    setup syslog

    enable clustering

    configure and test autosupport

    change options as needed

    update firmware on disks, shelves, rlm/sp, etc

    test failover, test network redundancy, etc

    document the filer and setup monitoring

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