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Migrating Data from one DFM 4.02 Instance to Another

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I have a customer who has multiple DFM 4.02 installations worldwide and is looking to consolidate them. The issue that has come up is how do you migrate data from multiple instances of DFM 4.02 to one instance? We know about the following procedure which works for 1:1 migration but how would we do a 2:1 migration/consolidation?


  • Run the command: dfm backup create
  • This creates a backup file (.ndb format) which is stored in the <install_dir>\Netapp\DataFabric Manager\DFM\data folder.
  • Copy the .ndb file to the new server.
  • Run the command: dfm backup restore <backup file-name with location>


To take it to the next level there's a very real possibility that some partial consolidations may be involved as well. For example, customer has DFMA, DFMB and DFMC. They're looking to consolidate to DFMD and DFME; DFMA --> DFMD, DFMB --> DFME and half DFMC to DFMD and half DFMC to DFME. Is this possible?


Last question is if this would be possible in OC5.2?


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