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unable to mount nfs export in cDOT 8.2 simulator

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I'm trying to create a datastore within ESX, but am unable to mount the junction path.  Any ideas?  Here's my setup


cluster1::> license show

  (system license show)


Serial Number: 1-80-000011

Owner: cluster1

Package           Type    Description           Expiration

----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------

Base              site    Cluster Base License  -


Serial Number: 1-81-0000000000000004079432749

Owner: cluster1-01

Package           Type    Description           Expiration

----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------

NFS               license NFS License           -

CIFS              license CIFS License          -



cluster1::> vserver nfs show


Vserver: LT1


        General Access:  true

                    v3:  enabled

                  v4.0:  disabled

                   4.1:  disabled

                   UDP:  enabled

                   TCP:  enabled

  Default Windows User:  -

Default Windows Group:  -



cluster1::> vol show -vserver LT1 -volume lt1_datastore1 

  (volume show)


                                 Vserver Name: LT1

                                  Volume Name: lt1_datastore1

                               Aggregate Name: n01_aggr1

                                  Volume Size: 500GB

                           Volume Data Set ID: 1027

                    Volume Master Data Set ID: 2147484675

                                 Volume State: online

                                  Volume Type: RW

                                 Volume Style: flex

                       Is Cluster-Mode Volume: true

                        Is Constituent Volume: false

                                Export Policy: default

                                      User ID: 0

                                     Group ID: 1

                               Security Style: UNIX

                             UNIX Permissions: ---rwxr-xr-x

                                Junction Path: /lt1_datastore1

                         Junction Path Source: RW_volume

                              Junction Active: true

                       Junction Parent Volume: vol0


                               Available Size: 16.68GB

                              Filesystem Size: 500GB

                      Total User-Visible Size: 475GB

                                    Used Size: 152KB

                              Used Percentage: 96%

         Volume Nearly Full Threshold Percent: 95%

                Volume Full Threshold Percent: 98%

         Maximum Autosize (for flexvols only): 600GB

       Autosize Increment (for flexvols only): 25GB

                             Minimum Autosize: 500GB

           Autosize Grow Threshold Percentage: 92%

         Autosize Shrink Threshold Percentage: 50%

                                Autosize Mode: off

         Autosize Enabled (for flexvols only): false

          Total Files (for user-visible data): 15564791

           Files Used (for user-visible data): 96

                        Space Guarantee Style: none

                    Space Guarantee in Effect: true

            Snapshot Directory Access Enabled: true

                 Space Reserved for Snapshots: 5%

                        Snapshot Reserve Used: 0%

                              Snapshot Policy: default

                                Creation Time: Fri Aug 16 12:36:03 2013

                                     Language: C.UTF-8

                                 Clone Volume: false

                   Antivirus On-Access Policy: default

                                    Node name: cluster1-01

                                NVFAIL Option: off

                    Is File System Size Fixed: false

                                Extent Option: off

                Reserved Space for Overwrites: 0B

                           Fractional Reserve: 0%                             

                  Snapshot Cloning Dependency: off

            Primary Space Management Strategy: volume_grow

                     Read Reallocation Option: off

             Inconsistency in the File System: false

                 Is Volume Quiesced (On-Disk): false

               Is Volume Quiesced (In-Memory): false

    Volume Contains Shared or Compressed Data: false

            Space Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0B

       Percentage Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0%

                 Space Saved by Deduplication: 0B

            Percentage Saved by Deduplication: 0%

                Space Shared by Deduplication: 0B

                   Space Saved by Compression: 0B

        Percentage Space Saved by Compression: 0%

                                   Block Type: 64-bit

                  FlexCache Connection Status: -

                             Is Volume Moving: false

               Flash Pool Caching Eligibility: read-write

Flash Pool Write Caching Ineligibility Reason: -

                   Managed By Storage Service: -

Create Namespace Mirror Constituents For SnapDiff Use: -

                      Constituent Volume Role: -

                        QoS Policy Group Name: -

              Is Volume Move in Cutover Phase: false

      Number of Snapshot Copies in the Volume: 5


And here's the error I get in ESX.


Call "HostDatastoreSystem.CreateNasDatastore" for object "datastoreSystem-14" on vCenter Server "MUSTANG" failed.

NFS mount failed: The mount request was denied by the NFS server. Check that the export exists and that the client is permitted to mount it.

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