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Is there a dfm cli user guide?

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Hi, just a general question.


NetApp prepares a DFM command use guide? I refer dfm xxx help but help messages are not enough to fully understand all options.


For example, I'd like to get historical data of volumes latency by a script using dfm commands. I think dfm perf data can be used. I'd like to know all the detail of its options.


Does anybody know if a dfm cli user guide exist?



# dfm perf data help



    data -- Manage performance data



    dfm perf data list [-v | -h] [ -o <host-name-or-id> ]  [ -G <counter-group-name> ]


    dfm perf data describe [-v] <counter-group-name> <host-name-or-id>


    dfm perf data modify [ -f ] -G <counter-group-name> [ -o <host-name-or-id> ]

                [ -s <sample-rate> ] [ -r <retention-period> ]


    dfm perf data export

                [ -s <start-time> ]

                [ -e <end-time> ]

                [ -m <maximum-file-size> ]

                [ <object>[ =<export-file-directory> ] ...]


    dfm perf data enable [-p] <host-name-or-id>

                <perf-object-type> { all | <counter-name> ...}


    dfm perf data disable [-p] <host-name-or-id>

                <perf-object-type> { all | <counter-name> ...}


    dfm perf data copy [-p] <src-host-name-or-id | default> <destination-host-name-or-id>

    dfm perf data retrieve { [ -o object-name-or-id ... ] [ -C perf-counter ... ]

                        [ -V view-name ] }

                [ -d duration ] [ -b start-time ] [ -e end-time ]

                [ -M month ... ] [ -D weekday ... ] [ -T time-range ... ]

                [ -m statistical-method [ -P percentile-value ]

                        [ -S data-advance-method ] ]

                [ -s sample-rate ] [ -x output-format ] [ -R ]



    The perf data commands allow the user to list, modify and export

    the performance data that is collected by the server


[root@uscl3-in00-is39 bin]#

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    Hi Mariko,


    The documentation for the dfm CLI commands is available under "Operations Manager -> Help -> General Help" section.


    You could also try this:

    C:\Users\Administrator>dfm perf data list help


        list -- List the counter groups and data collected


        dfm perf data list [-v | -h] [ -o <host-name-or-id> ]  [ -G <counter-group-name> ]


        List all the counter groups and data collected

                    -v : generates verbose information

                    -h : generates perf data space usage per host

                    -o : host name or host id. Generates counter group information for specific host

                    -G : counter group name. Generates details of specific counter group.


    Hope this helps.


    Best Regards,


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    Hi Tagawa-San,

         There is man pages for dfm cli, but its not available as a standalone guide.

    As pavan said, it can be accessed via Operation Manager Console >Control Center > Help > General Help > Man Pages


    In case of linux it can be accessed as follows.


    linuxprompt>man -M /opt/NTAPdfm/man dfm




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