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Snapmirror:Clock on source is ahead of destination system

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Hi everybody

I have two filer and make a snapmirror replication,

but I get a message log recently[Snapmirror:Clock on source is ahead of destination system],

What will it affect?

And how should I need to do to correct?



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    I'm not sure off the top of my head if that should prevent the replication occurring.....

    .....but regardless, you should ensure your FAS controllers have the right time & timezone settings applied: most people would link to an NTP (network time protocol) server/service.  Should be in the main System Admin Guide on the support site for your ONTAP version.



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    It will not "truly" affect much.  However there are two important areas to note.  The system will still mirror the data.


    The destination will be replicating at the time it has set, so if your replication is time sensitive, you need them in sync.


    Mirrors need to be in sync every 15 minutes after a data dump/load

    SystemA has time 00:13:00     Source- Read/Write

    SystemB has time 00:16:00     Destination - Read Only


    You expect the replication to occur in 2 minutes, however the destination controls the mirror, it won't actually occur for 14 more


    Also snapmirror status can actually show negative results depending on which system has the time lagging.



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