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Autosupport Configuration

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Hi All,


I would like to know the configuration of autosupport when we use the google email for business (mailhost:googlemail.l.google.com). Coz I can ping the mailhost but unable to send the autosupport email.


Please find the options of autosupport.


SSSSSSS> options autosupport

autosupport.cifs.verbose     off

autosupport.content          complete

autosupport.doit             USER_TRIGGERED (TEST)

autosupport.enable           on

autosupport.from             Postmaster

autosupport.local_collection on

autosupport.mailhost         googlemail.l.google.com

autosupport.max_http_size    10485760

autosupport.max_smtp_size    10485760

autosupport.minimal.subject.id hostname

autosupport.nht_data.enable  on

autosupport.noteto           xxxxx@email.com


autosupport.payload_format   7z

autosupport.performance_data.doit DONT

autosupport.performance_data.enable on

autosupport.periodic.tx_window 1h

autosupport.retry.count      15

autosupport.retry.interval   4m

autosupport.support.enable   on


autosupport.support.put_url  support.netapp.com/put/AsupPut

autosupport.support.to       autosupport@netapp.com

autosupport.support.transport smtp

autosupport.support.url      support.netapp.com/asupprod/post/1.0/postAsup

autosupport.throttle         on

autosupport.to               xxxxx@email.com

autosupport.validate_digital_certificate on



Thanks and Regards,

Jaffer Ali

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    your filer should have the authenticate with the googlemail.l.google.com domain, then it will work else change the mailhost name.


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      Hi Aswinikumar,


      Thanks for your reply. But this email is like a normal gmail which we can buy for our business needs with the domain. So I hope I cannot do authentication with the  googlemail.l.google.com domain.  Is there anything else I can do to get it fixed.


      Thanks and Regards,
      Jaffer Ali

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        For additional information please see http://www.wafl.co.uk/autosupport/

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        Autosupport SMTP configuration does not work with external SMTP servers that require authentication.  There is not an option setting that would store the authentication credentials for the SMTP server. 


        For the autosupport.support.transport option, you could use HTTP which would send the NetApp support alert out to NetApp support.   However, that would only address the Autosupport message being sent to NetApp support and would not address getting the same alert message to you.  To setup the e-mail alert for yourself, you'll either need to setup a SMTP server on your network or search the web to see if a SMTP proxy exists that you would install on your network to accept the Autosupport message from the storage controller and then forward it to your gmail SMTP server with the proper authentication.



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