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8.2 cDOTcluster and WINS / NBNS

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Anyone know how to completely disable WINS registration from an 8.2 cluster?  I have left the WINS addresses empty, but it still appears to be sending broadcasts out all interfaces.

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    You might be able to do this via a firewall policy blocking port 137, which is the WINS name traffic port:




    To block it, first create the service:


    ::>  firewall policy service create -service WINS -protocol tcp/udp -port 137


    ::> firewall policy service show -service WINS

      (system services firewall policy service show)


    Service Name: WINS

        Protocol: tcp/udp

           Ports: 137


    Then, apply the service to the data LIF:


    ::> firewall policy modify -policy data -service WINS -action deny -ip-list


    Then see if that takes care of the broadcast... If you're seeing the broadcast on other ports, then do the same for those.

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