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wafl.cp.slovol:warning]: aggregate aggr1 is holding up the CP -  - - all CP types of #s

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My IBM rebranded N6240 (FAS3240) running 8.1.1P2 was running swimmingly when all i/o abruptly came to a near halt.


First thing I noticed was these in the messages file. 


wafl.cp.slovol:warning]: aggregate aggr1 is holding up the CP.

wafl.cp.slovol:warning]: aggregate aggr0 is holding up the CP


sysstat -x 1 showed the cpu nearly idle at around 5% per core, 0% cache hit ratio and disk usage also around 5%.  Nvram was however showing 100% full with a Cp type of #s over and over again.


The toaster pulsated in and out of this state every 10 minutes or so it seemed to start to recover, maybe responding to an estimated 20% of of its io requests  before wigging out again and going back into this state.


1 of my aggregates is 32 bit, one is 64 on this unit.    


Has anyone seen any behavior like this?  A takeover/reboot mitigated the issue.  A coredump was captured and given to IBM Nas support who tells me they have escalated to netapp.


I found one similar issue here, but mine remained in this state for about an hour before I rebooted.



Any comments or advice would be appreciated.




Jordan Slingerland


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