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Migrate from HDS NAS to Netapp

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I have about 25TB of data (around 20 million files) on a Hitachi NAS, I am looking for an efficient way to migrate this data to a Netapp FAS 2240.

At the end of the migration I need the new Netapp NAS to have the same name as the old HDS, we have way to many spots in code or links that would be broken.

The data is a little of everything consisting of office documents, graphic and video files, etc in a mixed mode of CIFS\NFS volumes. 

My goal would be to perform the cutover on a weekend we would unmount all the unix shares do a final differential copy change DNS and be backup and running.

So any advice?   I have used ROBO copy in the past but it can not handle open files and a restore from backup would take longer than a weekend...