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How to remove snapmirror broken-off states after filer migration?

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We've just migrated from an old FAS 3020 to our new FAS 3140. Data synchronisation was done with snapmirror. On the new filer we have disabled snapmirror with "snapmirror off" and broke the relationships for each volume with "snapmirror break" to get a read/writeable volume. The old FAS 3020 was shut down and the new FAS 3140 got the same name and IP address.


Now "snapmirror status" shows all the mirrored volumes to be "broken-off" with source and destination on the same filer name:


adnnfs03> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.
Source                 Destination            State          Lag        Status
adnnfs03:app           adnnfs03:app           Broken-off     01:42:37   Idle
adnnfs03:aww           adnnfs03:aww           Broken-off     01:42:31   Idle
adnnfs03:cvs           adnnfs03:cvs           Broken-off     01:42:26   Idle
adnnfs03:doc           adnnfs03:doc           Broken-off     01:42:22   Idle
adnnfs03:home          adnnfs03:home          Broken-off     01:42:18   Idle
adnnfs03:install       adnnfs03:install       Broken-off     01:42:06   Idle
adnnfs03:java          adnnfs03:java          Broken-off     01:41:58   Idle
adnnfs03:nightly       adnnfs03:nightly       Broken-off     01:41:49   Idle
adnnfs03:nightlybuild  adnnfs03:nightlybuild  Broken-off     01:41:45   Idle
adnnfs03:pkg           adnnfs03:pkg           Broken-off     01:41:38   Idle
adnnfs03:private       adnnfs03:private       Broken-off     01:41:31   Idle
adnnfs03:transfer      adnnfs03:transfer      Broken-off     01:40:28   Idle
adnnfs03:xpository     adnnfs03:xpository     Broken-off     01:40:36   Idle

How can one get rid of these entries? I already removed the schedules from snapmirror.conf. The "snapmirror release" command says this:


adnnfs03> snapmirror release app adnnfs03:app
snapmirror release: app adnnfs03:app: No release-able destination found that matches those parameters.  Use 'snapmirror destinations' to see a list of release-able destinations.


Maybe I should have this done before breaking snapmirror and shutting down the new filer.The migrated volumes are online and read/writeable.


Thanks in advance for help.

Best regards,

Bernd Nies

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