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VASA capabilities not shown in vSphere 5.1.0b with VASA provider 1.0

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hy team


IHAC which has installed the VASA provider on a Windows 2008 Server and successfully registered the provider including the storage controller (incl. 3 vFilers) but is not able to see the cababilities in vShpere WebApp Client or native vSphere Client for Windows.


here is everything ok.


but the cababilities are not listed:




# wait 2 minutes before running first session cleanup


# then clean up expired sessions every 15 minutes


# wait 5 seconds before running first data model update


# update every 2 minute



The latecny between VASA Provider and stroage is about 20-30ms (it's a WAN link)


Any guess where to look?


The wrapper.log shows like:

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2013/03/20 08:11:05 | [ INFO] Processing mountPoint: vFiler.FQDN:/vol/volname/qtree

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2013/03/20 08:11:05 | [ INFO] Checking if mountInfo.serverName vFiler.FQDN matches with filer.name HOSTNAME or filer IPs [SOME IP ADDRESSES]

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2013/03/20 08:11:05 | [ INFO] - Not matched, skipping this mountPoint


Don't know why it's beeing skipped? any guess?

  • Re: VASA capabilities not shown in vSphere 5.1.0b with VASA provider 1.0
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    Hi Marc,


    From your message it appears that the mount point is using a fully qualified domain name. Can you try remounting the datastore using just the filer HOSTNAME or IP address in place of fully qualified domain name? For example, instead of using mount point as myfiler.mycompany.com:/vol/myvol, use myfiler:/vol/myvol.


    BTW, just to confirm vCenter has received all the capabilities from VASA provider, you can go to Home -> Storage Profiles and then click on Manage Storage Capabilities button in the toolbar. Do you see all the storage capabilities listed there?



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