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copy volume (with active mirror relation ship) to another filer

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I have this situation :


cluster : filer1, filer2 in one site

cluster : filer3, filer4 in another site.

all filers are running ontap 8.0.2.


Wan between sites is 20 MBit.


I have on filer1 : volume1 wich is snapmirrored to filer3:volume1bis every hour of the day, every day. Volumes are luns within qtrees and accessed via ISCSI.


I want to copy filer1:volume1 to filer2:volume2 (=new volume created on filer2) and preserve snapmirror relationship ? (well, yes, i can break the relationship  for filer1:volume1 and make a new one filer2:volume2 to snapmirror to filer3:volume1bis.)


The volumes are 300GB big, so if I copy from one filer to another, I have to make sure that my snapmirror doesn't start to rebaseline everything over my small 20Mbit wan line.


What is the best method here? I was thinking of breaking down the snampirror between filer1 and filer3, and then setting up snapmirror between filer1 and filer2 to copy the volume. And at the end, breaking filer1-filer2 snapmirror and setting up snapmirror between filer2 and filer3 and let's hope that only delta's are sent.


Or do i make a cascade from filer1 to filer2 and from filer2 to filer3 (again, let's hope that the delta's can be sent) and at the end break the snapmirror between filer1 and filer2?

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