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Alarms and groups

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Is it possible to create an alarm that applies to multiple groups? Based on the way we have grouped our volumes within OCUM I have to create many redundant alarms. If this functionality does not currently exist does NetApp plan on adding it in a future release?




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    Hi Dan,

         Creating an alarm at a global group level applies to all groups and it subgroups as well. Similarly if you create your alarm at a top level group its applied to all it sub group as well.

    In this case you can either create your alarms at global group or create a top level group and apply it.




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      Hi Adai,

      I have grouped my volumes as follows:


      Sites/<Site Name>/<Filer Name>/<Environment>/<App>

      Ex: Sites/MN10/filer1/Prod/Oracle


      This has allowed us to easily report on these groups using OCR however it has made monitoring quite a challenge. It looks like my only options are:

      • Maintain an additional group structure within OCUM which acts as the source for the OCUM alarms
      • Parse each OCUM email message and route accordingly


      I was hoping the alarm email would contain the group(s) the object (say a volume) is a member of however it does not. If you have any other ideas let me know.




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