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How to make Host Service able to discover vFilers providing datastores on isolated network ?

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We are deploying Host Package (1.2) to make OC UM (5.1) able to manage Backup/Restore of VMs of vSphere (5.0) platform.

Installation completed successfully after fixing hanging during OnCommand Host Service VMWare Plug-in installtion (https://communities.netapp.com/thread/21707).

Host Package is installed on OCUM server.


However, Host package is not able to discover vFilers serving NFS datastores to ESXi servers


We found the reason of this issue... we did not find how to solve the problem in OCUM documentation, in forums...


The vFiler (VFILER001 for instance) has two distinct interfaces

  • Management interface which connects to the routed Management network : IP for instance
  • NFS Datastore interface which connects to isolated non routed Datastore network : IP for instance


OCUM and vCenter servers are connected to the Management network and cannot communicate with the Datastore network.

ESXi servers are connected to the Datastore network.

OCUM discovered the vFiler on its management interface (


OCUM successfully access vCenter information and collect datastore information : visible in logs.

However, vCenter provides IP address on Datastore network :

OCUM then tries to contact a vFiler having this IP address ... and fails.


Is there a way to make OCUM able to know that is also an IP address supported by VFILER001 ?


More generaly, is there a way to make OCUM able to know several IPs for the same (v)Filer ?

Therefore OCUM should be able to join IP provided by vcenter and the (v)Filer, right ?


Thanks a lot forn your help

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