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Chap secret generated by iscsi security generate does not work when host tries to authenticate

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I'm using CHAP to authenticate a linux host against Netapp system. On the filer I added an authentication rule for the host. I used a password generated by iscsi security generate


> iscsi security generate

Generated Random Secret: 0x1e4d158531d2f6468ed68fe34aab7f72

> iscsi security add -i iqn.1994-05.com.redhat:561ad03657ce -s CHAP -p 0x1e4d158531d2f6468ed68fe34aab7f72 -n foobar


I set the iscsi connection parameter on the linux host using iscsiadm utility. However the host fails to connect to Netapp with authentication failure


iscsiadm: Could not login to [iface: default, target: iqn.XYZ.142251821, portal: X.X.X.X,3260].

iscsiadm: initiator reported error (24 - iSCSI login failed due to authorization failure)

iscsiadm: Could not log into all portals


I tried setting the same CHAP password using System Manager GUI and I get the error "Non Hexadecimal character found". 


The CHAP authentication works fine when a non hex value (such as any string without the leading 0x) is set as the password. This makes me wonder if I correctly understand the CHAP mechanism employed by Netapp. Does anyone have an insight?



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