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Issue installing NFS Plugin for VAAI on Virtual ESX hosts

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I'm having an issue with installing the NetApp NFS Plug-in for VMware VAAI v1.0 on my ESXi hosts.  I have a virtual ESX environment - meaning the ESXi hosts are actually virtual (which may be the issue).  We designed a way to quickly stand up virtual ESX environments and we're using one to do some initial VAAI linked clone testing.  The environment is ESX 5.1, DOT 8.1.1 7-mode, VSC 4.1 and eventually NFS Plugin 1.0.


I'm able to get VSC installed and I've copied the .vib plugin file to the correct location.  So it is listed correctly in the tools section of the VSC console but when I click to install to hosts my (2) virtual ESXi hosts are grayed out as incompatible.  I've also tried installing at the esx cli with the offline bundle but it just hangs and never installs.


What I'm hoping to glean is what check is VSC performing (when using the gui) to determine the compatibility of an ESXi host for the NFS Plugin?  This might help me determine if the issue is indeed due to testing with virtual ESXi hosts or if I've got a port blockage somewhere or something else I don't know about yet.  Thanks!



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