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How to determine why Protection Manager chose a particular controller and aggregate?

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IHAC running OnCommand 5.1 for 7-mode who is using Protection Manager.  They have a large Resource Group used for SnapMirror secondaries which contains two controllers (HA Pair) each having two aggregates.  Their dataset and Mirror policy lets Protection Manager auto-provision the secondary volume from the resource pool.  For some reason, Protection Manager only chose to use one of the controllers and its aggregates and did not provision any mirrors on the second controller.  So their mirror configuration is now very lopsided and all going to node #1 of the HA pair.  Both aggregates in node #1 are around 75% full.


Based on what I've looked at, there is no reason why Protection Manager shouldn't have chosen the second node to provision Mirror volumes on:

  • Both controllers have SnapMirror licensed and enabled
  • The Mirror node of the dataset doesn't use a provisioning policy and therefore doesn't use resource pool labels.  Any controller & aggregate in the resource pool will work.
  • The second node's aggregates are completely empty.
  • There is virtually no I/O going to node #2, so it should not have been filtered-out based on performance characteristics.


What can I look at to determine why Protection Manager chose to use node #1 and its two aggregates, but not node #2? 

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