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-data-protocol can only be set at interface create, not modify

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any future changes planned for this?  A customer wanted to make changes and have to destroy and recreate interfaces... anyone know why this was locked down to create only?



[-data-protocol {nfs|cifs|iscsi|fcp|fcache|none}, ...] - Data Protocol

Use this parameter to specify the list of data protocols that can be configured on the logical interface. The

supported protocols are NFS, CIFS, FlexCache, iSCSI, and FCP. NFS, CIFS, and FlexCache are available

by default when you create a logical interface. If you specify "none", the logical interface does not support

any data protocols. Also, none, iscsi, or fcp cannot be combined with any other protocols.


The data-protocol field must be specified when the logical interface is created and cannot be modified later.

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