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configure interface to do list.

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I want to configure another interface in our controller for NFS traffic? Can anyone tell me what should be my to do list?


Here is the interface I have: one 10Gbe and two 1Gbe.


I plan to create vif0 (LACP) of  the two 1gbe. then I will create a single mode of the one 10Gbe and vif0. I will favor the 10Gbe interface.


Is this possible?


Is my steps in order correct?

1. Add the entry in /etc/hosts

2. create the VIFs

3. Create the interface (assign IP by pulling the IP from from the hosts file)

4. edit the /etc/rc



Anything I miss? I don't need to reboot or anything right?

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    All looks fine to me. This is what I suggest.....


    1. Create a lacp vif with 2 x 1G
    2. Create a single mode vif with 1 x 10G
    3. Create second-level Single mode VIF which will favor 10G network over 1G network.


    This second-level interface group enables you to define the first-level VIFs as an active and a standby one.


    For example:
    ifgrp create lacp INT-1G -b ip e0a e0b
    ifgrp create single INT-10G e1a
    ifgrp create single vif_second_level INT-1G INT-10G
    ifgrp favor INT-10G


    By using second-level VIF it is possible to take advantage of both the link aggregation features of a lcap VIF and the failover capability of a single-mode VIF.


    Reboot is not required, but to make these configurations persistent across reboots, they must be added to the /etc/rc file. Also, If you add any entry in /etc/rc files and you want to reload that entry in the memory then you can simple run the cmd “source”
    toaster>source /etc/rc


    On the side note:
    Please note that lacp port-channel has to be configured on the access switch as well.

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