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Problem on recovering Oracle Database with smo 3.2 on Windows 2008 R2

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Hi All

Here is our Platform:

OS: Windows 2008 R2

DB: Oracle -> nls_territory:SWITZERLAND -> nls_language: GERMAN

SMO: 3.2

Storage: FAS 2040 Version 8.1.2 7Mode


We can take backups but the restore/recovery breaks up with errors (see extract of error log further down).


Can anybody help me?


Thank you.


--[ INFO] SM0-03081: Perform recovery using all connected backups F_H_20130117075838MEZ

--[ INFO] ORACLE-30023: Beginning batch recovery process for database FCS.

--[ INFO] ORACLE-30008: Beginning recovery process for database FCS.

--[ INFO] ORACLE-30010: Database recovery point objective: earliest consistent point

--[ERROR] EXE-00005: Cannot read input stream from spawned process for command [ RECOVER DATABASE   USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE UNTIL CANCEL PARALLEL 1;].  Error: [Assertion failed] - this expression must be true


--[ INFO] SM0-03055: Disconnecting backup F_H_20130117075838MEZ.

--[ INFO] SD-00031: Beginning to disconnect filesystem(s) [C:\SnapManager_auto_mounts\S-20130117104856588_0].

--[ INFO] SD-00032: Finished disconnecting filesystem(s) [C:\SnapManager_auto_mounts\S-20130117104856588_0].

--[ERROR] SMO-13032: Cannot perform operation: Backup Restore.  Root cause: com.netapp.oracle.platform.SQLPlusOracleException: ORACLE-00001: Error executing SQL: [ RECOVER DATABASE   USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE UNTIL CANCEL PARALLEL 1;].  The command returned:

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Do Jan 17 10:49:15 2013


Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle.  All rights reserved.


SQL> Connect durchgeführt.

SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> ORA-00279: Änderung 97177493934, erstellt von 01/17/2013 07:58:44. Erforderlich für Thread 1

--[ INFO] SMO-07131: Unlocked database for SnapManager operations - removed lock file "C:\oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_3\database\.sm_lock_FCS_TEST.TOGEWA.COM" on host CSVDB011.

--[ INFO] SMO-07433: Returning the database to its initial state: Database[FCS(OPEN)], Service[RUNNING].

--[ INFO] ORACLE-20000: Changing state for database instance FCS from MOUNTED to OPEN.

--[ WARN] SMO-07434: Could not return database to its original state.  Error: ORACLE-20001: Error trying to change state to OPEN for database instance FCS: ORACLE-20004: Expecting to be able to open the database without the RESETLOGS option, but oracle is reporting that the database needs to be opened with the RESETLOGS option.  To keep from unexpectedly resetting the logs, the process will not continue.  Please ensure that the database can be opened without the RESETLOGS option and try again.

--[ INFO] SMO-13039: Successfully aborted operation: Backup Restore

--[ERROR] SMO-13048: Backup Restore Operation Status: FAILED

--[ INFO] SMO-22002: Successfully recorded the Backup Restore operation in history.

--[ INFO] SMO-14557: Sending E-Mail notification...

--[ INFO] SMO-14558: E-Mail notification sent successfully.

--[ INFO] SMO-13049: Elapsed Time: 2:41:22.683

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