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The U.S. Military has standardized over 95% of deployable solutions on NetApp.  Would this information help to drive sales in NATO member Nation and PFP Nations Military?

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The U.S. Military has standardized deployable solutions on NetApp.  Programs like the Distributed Common Ground Systems - Army (DCGS-A), Battlefield Command and Control System (BCCS) TacLan, Marines, Navy, Army, Special Operations, and others all use NetApp for their NAS/SAN.  This helps to drive sales back up the military technical solution stack to the remote data centers and all the way back to the large fixed data centers, all to ensure replication can occur using SnapMirror and the use of a single skill set to manage all of the solution from the "tip of the spear" all the way back to the large fixed data centers in the U.S.  Now add into the equation Data ONTAP Edge-T and Agile Data Center with Clustered ONTAP and we have an unbeatable solution.  NetApp is used because of simplicity, ease of use, efficiency, single OS, etc.  Would sharing and joint meetings to discuss and share this message help to drive sales into NATO member Nations (28 member Nations) and Partnership for Peace (PFP) Nations? 


Also as NATO moves towards a standard of the Future Mission Network (FMN) we need to be actively engaged with all our member Nations and PFP Nations military to drive a single hardware architecture.  The FMN is based off of today's Afghan Mission Network (AMN) / ISAF Network used today in Afghanistan.  The foundation of this is NetApp!  NATO points to the AMN/ISAF Network as a success in multinational data sharing between member and PFP Nations.  Key intelligence and mission data is shared between all needed Nations for Afghanistan specific missions.  Moving forward NATO is stressing the FMN as the future to ensure interoperability and seamless data sharing among Nations involved together in missions.  If we drive a single platform solution for all Nations FMN this will enable easier data sharing based on NetApp technology.  What are the problems faced with this? - maybe a separate discussion just for FMN?


How can I help drive NetApp sales into your Nation's Military? 

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