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Slow assembly load

Francois Egger
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I experience slow load of assembly [System.Reflection.Assembly]::loadwithPartialName("Microsoft.SQLServer.SMO") in WFA command,  about 5 minutes to load.

Strange thing is, directly from powershell command line, it take about 15 seconds.

Do you know what could be the cause?



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    Can you elaborate it more..!

    with what command you hit this issue..!

    Are you facing the same issue with all the commands or is it with a specific command in a particular time..!



    Sivaprasad K

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      Francois Egger
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      This is a part of my code, in the log start assembly to end assembly took 7 minutes. Tried with direct dll load but that doesn't help.


      ## - Loading the SQL Server SMO Assembly"

      Get-WFALogger -Info -message $('Start load Assembly')



      Get-WFALogger -Info -message $('End load Assembly: ')


      09:27:35.046 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] ### Command '_Detach_SQL_DB' ###

      09:27:36.169 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Executing command: ./_Detach_SQL_DB3112812273117812986.ps1 -DBs @('(AdventureWorksDEV)') -MachineName gdc00304\DBA_TEST

      09:27:36.200 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Start load Assembly

      09:35:34.827 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] End load Assembly:

      09:35:34.842 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Connect to SQL: gdc00304\DBA_TEST

      09:35:48.664 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Working on: (AdventureWorksDEV)

      09:35:48.898 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Nothing to detach for: (AdventureWorksDEV)

      09:35:51.332 INFO  [_Detach_SQL_DB] Command completed, took 496286 milliseconds




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