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FAS3240 boot loop (no disk error)

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Trying to set up a new system as below (part of a FlexPod implementation):


Dual Chassis

2 FAS3240

1 ds2246

1 ds4243

Ontap 8.0.2 7-mode


Cabling is as the NetApp guide for dual chassis HA


One controller boot fine & can be configured; the other complains that it has 0 disks & continually reboots. 


The problem controller will boot into maintenance mode, but the "disk show" & "disk assign" commands don't work as expected, showing no unassigned disks available, although "disk show" on the working controller shows half of the disks unassigned.


I've tried swapping the controllers over to eliminate cabling issues & the fault remains with the same physical controller.


I'd appreciate any ideas as I've run out of them, output from a failed boot cycle below:



Sun Oct 14 09:51:42 GMT [config.noPartnerDisks:CRITICAL]: No disks were detected for the partner; this node will be unable to takeover correctly

Sun Oct 14 09:51:42 GMT [callhome.dsk.config:warning]: Call home for DISK CONFIGURATION ERROR

Sun Oct 14 09:51:43 GMT [fmmb.instStat.change:info]: no mailbox instance on local side.

Sun Oct 14 09:51:43 GMT [fmmb.instStat.change:info]: no mailbox instance on partner side.

Sun Oct 14 09:51:43 GMT [cf.fm.noMBDisksOrIc:warning]: Could not find the local mailbox disks. Could not determine the firmware state of the partner through the HA interconnect.


WARNING: 0 disks found!


Storage Adapters found:


0 Fibre Channel Storage Adapters found!

6 SAS Adapters found!

0 Parallel SCSI Storage Adapters found!

0 ATA Adapters found!


Target Adapters found:

4 Fibre Channel Target Adapters found!

2 iSCSI Target Adapters found!

1 Unknown Target Adapters found!


Check that disks have been assigned ownership to this system (ID 1575087607) using the 'disk show' and 'disk assign'

commands from maintenance mode.


Uptime: 45s


System rebooting...

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