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DFM Protection Manager - Destination Volume Provisioning and Qtree Maximums

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Qtree Maximums:

We have 75 qtrees in the volume that I'm trying to add to a DataSet that has a standard Backup Policy assigned to it.  I don't have a resource pool assigned to the Dataset, because I would like to specify\create the volumes that the qtrees from the SV Relationships are created in, on the destination filer. So before adding the primary volume to the Dataset, I created a "backup" volume on the destination filer and added it to the physical resources of the Backup Node.


We get the following error in NA Management Console 3.1 after trying to import a Primary volume with 75 Qtrees:

    "The volume relationship count of 50 is larger than the relationship limit of 50."

Notice the count of qtrees it percieves is wrong as well.


In reading I found the following link: https://communities.netapp.com/thread/20394  It describes how to set the dfm option pmMaxSvRelsPerSecondaryVol to something other than its default of 50.  We have Core Services installed on a Windows 2008 server, which doesn't allow for the grep of the hidden options.  I had to set the option to 51, then back to 50, just for it to appear in the dfm option list command.  That probably wasn't the best idea, since I can't find any documentation for what the setting should be, other then the post above.


Does anyone have any documentation on the parameter pmMaxSvRelsPerSecondaryVol? Why is it set to 50?  Is it due to the DFM Server's limitation (physical resources on the server) or something else? Are there any drawbacks to changing it to a higher number to allow for volumes containing a larger number of qtrees?


Volume Provisioning Requirements:

The second part of this thread is a question about how DFM comes up with the destination volume's size requirement.  We intend to keep the same backup sets (retention and frequency) for the primary as the secondary.  The volumes should be able to be the same size, but the DFM seems to error unless the Backup volume provisioned is roughly 1.3x the size of the primary volume to be backed up.  Is this a setting that can be changed?  What is the calculation for the destination volume size based off of?

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