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Restore virtual machine from secondary filer

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I am trying to put together a process to restore virtual machines that were snap vaulted to our secondary 6210 san qtree from our 6280 primary san. The datastores are NFS. What I did is mount the secondary datastore/qtree onto the san by adding a datastore as read only then I would click on the snapshot folder and select a smvi folder to copy the machine over. I had the machine I wanted to restore on the production san off but this is where it doesnt work I woild simply get some error. I wanted it to be gui as possible. As I am using VSC 4 to snap this specific datastore as only dev test machines are residining there but I also snapvault them over.

The error from vmware is "Expected put message. Got:ERROR" Perhaps permissions..And I was trying to download the machine to my desktop (its a small machine) from the vmware datstore browser. And if I try the move option from the read only datastore to the datastore on the primary datastore I would get "cannot write on datastore (qtreename) on the target host"


I am just going to assume this isnt the best way to perform it and the snap vaulting is not part of ops manager/dfm. It appears I may have to do it the cli way of "snap restore" command. I wanted to make it gui as possible, As I thought I can copy the machine from the secondary datastore to the primary destination.. I suppose i was very wrong


Anyhow we use commvault for our production stuff and I didnt want to waste the commvault licensing on dev test stuff... and I was trying to see what i can do for these dev test machines for that "just in case" scenario.


thoughts? input?


thanks for reading

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