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Web-based access to WFA cache database

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Accessing the WFA cache DB can be useful for developing filters and testing SQL queries directly on the database as well as for quickly verifying contents in the cache DB. As I was unhappy with switching between the web-based WFA interface and a RDP session to the server for using SQLyog or similar tools, I assembled a small solution to provide web-based access to the database. So now I can access the database in another tab of my browser.


The solution is completely based on free tools (NGINX webserver, PHP, Chive MySQL tool). It is portable so you can quickly deploy it on the WFA server without any installation - and removing it is just a matter of deleting one directory.


If anybody is interested: Get ftp://ftp.netapp.com/pub/home/hland/nginx_chive.zip and unzip it to 'c:\' on your WFA server while keeping the folder structure in the ZIP file intact. You should have the following path in the end: c:\nginx\start-server.vbs

Run the start-server.vbs (it will run in the background so you won't see anything), then point your browser to http://<wfa-server>:8888 You will see a login page, leave the server as 'localhost' and then enter username and password of a database user (WFA 1.1 will have a read-only user account that you can use). You can now browse all tables and run SQL queries. See screenshots below.


Hope this is useful



wfa-chive1.png wfa-chive2.png