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DFM 4.0.1 chargeback with FlexClones - how?

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IHAC who wants to use DFM 4.0.1's chargeback feature.  However, they're using a lot of FlexClones. The customer would like the chargeback report to be based on the FlexVols/FlexClones actual *physical* space consumption.  For example, as shown in the "aggr show_space" command:


Aggregate 'aggr0'

Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG           A-SIS
       13GB          1400MB             0KB            12GB             0KB          7036KB


Space allocated to volumes in the aggregate

Volume                          Allocated            Used       Guarantee
demo_vol_a                           63MB            58MB            none     # Parent Volume
demo_clone_a1                      6428KB           620KB            none     # FlexClone Volume
demo_clone_a2                      6428KB           620KB            none     # FlexClone Volume
demo_clone_a3                      6428KB           620KB            none     # FlexClone Volume

(truncated for brevity)


Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail
Total space                        2317MB           952MB            10GB
Snap reserve                          0KB             0KB             0KB
WAFL reserve                       1400MB           150MB          1249MB



However, DFM reports all FlexClones using *logical* space consumption, not physical.  It reports each FlexClone as using the same capacity as its parent volume. In fact, I can't find a single DFM report that shows a FlexClone's actual physical space consumption. Therefore, when they attempt to run a chargeback report each FlexClone volume generates a charge of 1x the parent volume.  In reality, each FlexClone's charge should be only a fraction of the parent volume.


Based on this, how can the customer generate chargeback reports based on actual physical capacity used for a FlexVol/FlexClone?

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