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Linux NFS Client latency statistics

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I've been trying for a while to find this information but it seems it simply isn't possible at this point.  What I'm looking for is a tool that runs on a Linux (RHEL) NFS client that can show me latency for read & write operations against the mounted NFS shares.  I know how to get all the other data like # of operations, throughput and such but I can't find a single tool that will actually tell me the latency from a client-side perspective.  For example, if I run iostat on linux, I can get await & svctm for block devices in milliseconds -- but not for NFS mounts!!


Does anyone know how to do this?


Specifically, I need something I can run via the command line on the Linux client that is reading and/or writing to an NFS mounted share that will show me the latency for this activity from the client's perspective.  It may be that this only exists for NFSv4 but I'm not sure...


Thank you!



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