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File List directory Api

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What is use of following Manage ONTAP Api.









I used the above API to iterate list of files under particular volume. It gives only the Qtrees which is created under this folder. It gives only the files directly created under the filer.






If  i create a share under the volume and some files stored under the share by windows system. This Api will give the list of files stored under the share or created by windows under the share.






But it will not give the files created under LUN by any OS .... If the above statement is true....






Please correct if i am wrong.....






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    The api got striked out in the previous mail. Please check api below











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      You understand it properly.  The API is kind of like calling a UNIX ls command (or the Windows dir command).  It will show the directory entries of the path you give it.  If you want to descend fruther into the directory tree, you will need to identify the directories in the listing and make a new call on that directory.



      ONTAP has no visibility inside of a LUN container.  The LUN is an opaque box to ONTAP/WAFL.  The filesystem layout inside the LUN is totally controlled  by the host so the filer only knows that there is a LUN container and how much space it is consuming.  To view inside of a LUN, you will have to go through the host.






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