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Merry Christmas all


Over the years I have lead multiple workshops for team members new to enterprise storage and have often said I would document a guide for them.  So getting ahead of the New Year’s resolution trend, here is me making good on my word.  I hope my plans for a diet and completing a triathlon in 2013 goes as well…


This is going to be a series of blog posts, introducing new engineers to storage administration and NetApp technology.  My target audience which I am writing for are, server engineers that are already managing storage systems but have not yet been on formal training.  This is a far from an ideal situation for all concerned but through my experience of forums and attending user group events, not uncommon.  Over the years I have attended multiple NetApp training courses and would recommend a Flane course to anyone who has the budget to attend.  Personally, I am a major fan of the NetApp learning centre would be the 1st to admit it is a great resource but I feel there is a requirement to take all the different resources available and present them in as a list of links.  In my experience, engineers learn best by doing and enjoy solving problems.  So this will be a series of posts that sets real world problems to be solved based on my daily experience of operating NetApp filers.  The posts will include relevant links to start researching the solution and helpful hints but not step by step answers.


The URL below will bring you back to this page.


The broad outlines so far are: (Subject to change)


Not sure if I have the ability to pull this off and create a useful guide I would be grateful if you help me try.  So thanks in advance for any advice and/or links you may have.


Please note this is a work in progress, so be sure to check back frequently for updates and I welcome your feedback.  Always happy for a chat about storage and I will also be presenting a workshop on NetApp administration at the Birmingham Virtual Machine User Group event on the 12th March, which is also free to attend.


In the meantime here are some links to get you started


NetApp's Getting started guides




Old but useful -






This is something I wrote a while ago about resolving support calls quickly.


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