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Steps to follow for Disk/Shelf count mismatch

Disk/Shelf Count mismatch error:


After a disk is added or removed from a controller, cluster monitor will automatically update the configuration status. Typically, this will take between 7 and 30 seconds. If mismatch messages persist, perform the following steps:

  1. Set the option disk.auto_assign to off on both the nodes.
  2. Reassign the disk to the appropriate node.


If the above steps do not help resolve the issue, perform the following:

  1. Reseat the disk.
  2. If reseating does not help, replace the disk with a known good spare disk.
  3. If the spare disk shows up in the slot, then request for a replacement disk. 
  4. If the spare disk does not show up, then the issue could be with the shelf. Replace the shelf.
    Note: Before performing this step, halt both the heads of the cluster.
  5. Also, try reseating the modules and see if it fixes the issue.


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