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Brendon Higgins

Digital Plumber



Brendon Higgins has been an active community member since the beginning.  Not only does he post often & has great NetApp product expertise but Brendon is always up for a lively conversation specifically about  Performance issues, SME and SMSQL questions.


We also want to congratulate him on passing the NCDA - NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator exam (with flying colors no less).  Way to go Brendon!


Brendon's discussion highlights:


  • 2014 iSCSI issue with Unix clients - Had to read up on the subject before helping and was able to get a win.  Great result.
  • 1853 NCDA - 50,000 hits and still climbing. Maybe one day it will be the most read thread?
  • 2464 - MySQL - This was a lesson in thinking outside the box.  Turn out to be a bug which a developer highlighted.  Shows the forums are read by the right people.
  • 4234 - Aggregate performance.  Was working late one night on standby and it took me a long time to work out how to post this thread with the correct information.


A bit about Brendon.....


Professional experience & Interests

Brendon describes himself as a digital plumber and has a broad background in IT support and administration, having working on most operation systems in one capacity or another.  And is computer enthusiast who has been interested in computing since childhood.  Starting out by working for free and carrying the toolbox for the local computer expert in exchange for training.  Soon earning his way through University by building computers for resale to other students.  Starting out professionally as a 1st line engineer and working on Windows 3.1 PCs networked with coaxial cable and DECnet.  Later introducing TCP/IP, windows domains and global networking solutions.  Resulting in a tale about importing one of the 1st Cisco 3000 VPN concentrators into the UK, having it impounded by customs due to breaching international arms regulations and a visit from men in black.


The first half of the new millennium was spent working on Oracle databases and CRM/ERP systems.  Skills in networking and operating systems lead to a role integrating NT4, W2K, Citrix, Novel, AS400, Sun and Apple systems.  Then drifting to storage for the last four years and has worked on EMC and HP systems before joining the NetApp fold.  Next big thing(s)  Server virtualization with projects about to come out of development and enter production   Information Lifecycle Management



Away from work

Brendon has been a member of the British Computer Society since leaving university and holds the status Chartered IT Professional.  He is also a volunteer committee member with responsibility for education in the West Yorkshire region.  When away from mains electricity Brendon is keen photographer and mountaineer.  His climbing CV has trips to most of the ranges in the UK and Western Europe, with the most recent being a week ice climbing in Rjukan, Norway.


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