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See Demos of the Latest NetApp Technology

NetApp has a compelling set of demos that show how clustered Data ONTAP is revolutionizing virtualization and cloud solutions with software-defined storage and nondisruptive operations. See a FlexPod® data center platform up close. Learn about virtual machine mobility between hypervisor formats. Get an advance look at upcoming NetApp and VMware technologies and integrations. Learn how our innovative storage, data management solutions, and services for the hybrid cloud vastly improve business continuity, disaster recovery, data protection, operational efficiency, monitoring, manageability, quality of service, mobile data access, and deployment of business-critical applications. Discover how NetApp not only empowers you with software-defined storage but makes it a powerful tool for your business in today’s cloud based architectures.


SRM (with Edge) Microsoft Exchange and/or BCAs

In this demo we will show automated site failover and failback using VMware Site Recovery Manager and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP.  The demo will also show how NetApp storage efficiency technologies can be leveraged to test site recovery plans without incurring additional storage overhead and without impact to the existing production environment.  See how NetApp delivers disaster resiliency and business continuity.


VMware Horizon View

In this demo, we will show VMware Horizon View 5.2 with NetApp Data ONTAP using VAAI to create high-performance, storage-efficient clones that allow customers to gain the benefits of using View Composer automated pools with persistent desktops.


VMware Horizon Workspace

VMware Horizon Workspace’s data component allows enterprise users to share data and collaborate more easily while still adhering to the controls put in place by IT to prevent loss of corporate data. In addition to make sharing files with Horizon Workspace as safe and efficient as a typical file server, by deploying Horizon Workspace on NetApp, you will have the added benefits of space efficiency with deduplication along with space-efficient and application consistent backups.  This is easily done by using NetApp Snap Creator and our Horizon Workspace plugin.

This demo will show the space efficiency benefits when using NetApp to back up the Horizon Workspace data virtual appliance via Snap Creator.


VMware vCloud Director

(VCAC / vCO / WFA Integrations)


NetApp Virtual Storage Console Web Client

This session will focus on "WHY" you need the Virtual Storage Console (VSC), and how it will change the way you manage the lifecycle and day-to-day operations of your virtual datacenter, using one of the industry's most integrated tools for VMware.


NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

Clustered Data ONTAP is the future of scalable storage.  Vol move allows migrations, upgrades and expansion of hardware without disruption of any data access.  Further vol move allows loads to be rebalanced while serving the load.  QoS allows resources to be allocated and managed at typical granularities dealt with by vSphere and storage administrators:  file/VMDK, datastore, LUN and Vserver (Do I have to say SVM?).  Combining QoS with vol move empowers the administrator with the ability to maintain the best possible service level for the widest range of users.


NetApp Connect – Mobile Data Access Solution

NetApp Connect provides mobile clients with access to corporate documents and resources.  Mobile devices offer both opportunity and a challenge to IT organizations.  Providing services that meet the desire for a high-quality user experience while adhering to existing security requirements is a significant challenge for IT organizations.  Learn how NetApp Connect addresses those challenges and enables mobile in the enterprise.


OnCommand Balance

OnCommand Balance provides performance optimization of VMware virtualized, private cloud and FlexPod environments built on NetApp. Check out this demonstration to see how customers can leverage Balance to help ensure optimal performance in their storage environments.  See what’s new with Balance and learn how Balance can:

-Manage end-to-end performance of virtual infrastructure from virtual and physical servers to storage disks

-Identify top 10 workloads for your overall environment as well as for each storage system

-Get early warning of increasing load on disks and storage headroom issues before they impact performance



The demo will also show how NetApp clustered Data ONTAP and NetApp's VASA VP combine to bring storage-based policy management for both VVOLs and traditional Datastores.  This capability enables customers to provision VMs with varying storage requirements for a shared storage infrastructure that complies with their SLAs.  For example, Business Critical Applications and Test/Dev and share the same storage infrastructure.



VVOLs (aka VM Volumes) is a technology we are jointly developing with VMware that enables the granular management of virtual disks. The demo will show that NetApp is a design partner and is ready for VVOLs today and will support when VMware ships VVOLs (2H-2014).


Flash Accel



On-Command Insight Balance VM Resource Finder (SDS)

On-Command Insight Balance Optimize for Performance (SDS)



Cisco VXLAN & Clustered ONTAP (SDS)

Cloupia and FlexPod (SDS)

Microsoft Private Cloud on FlexPod (SDS)

MS Apps on FlexPod (Enterprise Apps)

Oracle on FlexPod (Enterprise Apps)

SAP on FlexPod (Enterprise Apps)

Citrix XD on FlexPod (Enterprise Apps)

VMware vCloud on FlexPod (Enterprise Apps)

NOSH on FlexPod Excel (Enterprise Apps)



NetApp Private Storage for the Public Cloud (Cloud Computing)

Hybrid Cloud Mobility – AWS Migration


Red Hat

VSC for RHEV plug-in (SDS)

SnapCreator & KVM (SDS)



OpenStack with ONTAP demo



Citrix XenDesktop 7.0 on NetApp (EUC)

Best XenDesktop Performance at Lowest Cost (EUC)

Efficient Data Management for ShareFile (EUC)

Demo of NetApp Recovery Manager (EUC)

Managing NetApp with Cloud Platform (aka CloudStack) (SDS)

Manage storage directly from Citrix XenCenter with VSC 2.0 (SDS)

SnapCreator for XenServer (SDS)



Hyper-V to VMware to Hyper-V mobility

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cross Protocol ODX (New Tech)

SMHV 2.0 rVSS (New Tech)

SCOM Management Pack (SDS)

SCVMM Rapid Provisioning (SDS)

Service Manager/SCO integrations (SDS)

Controller provisioning (SDS)

Storage Provisioning (SDS)

SMHV2.0 distributed backup (SDS)


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