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na_stats - Real-time lightweight tools to monitor filer performance

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As a NetApp consultant I typically come across different NetApp filer environments every day. I often need to get a basic idea of how a particular filer is performing and what volumes, LUNs, protocols, disks, etc. are doing must of the heavyweight lifting in a customer's environment.


- "sysstat" is a great command to get a real-time overview of what's going on, but it lacks detail about volumes, individual disks, etc.

- "perfstat" from the NOW site is great to collect very detailed information, but it takes a lot of time to parse through the results manually, without the aid of parsing tools.

- "Performance Advisor" is great for monitoring any NetApp environment, but I am often not in a position to install this at a customer site just to get some idea of what a particular filer is doing.

- the "stats" command is just the information I need, but results are presented awkwardly and difficult to read for real-time analysis.


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I wrote a couple of Perl scripts that use rsh or ssh to collect "stats" information from a filer, and present the results in a real-time manner. Both the Perl scripts and Windows executables are included in the .zip file.


The tools are:


- na_stats_viewer: a very leightweight tool to get real-time information on the various "stats" objects that can be queried

- na_diskstats_viewer: presents detailed information about individual disk load. the output is very similar to the output from the disk section of the "statit" command.

- na_protostats_viewer: matches volume names with protocol information (NFS, SAN, CIFS)


Features and Notes:


- The tools are very lightweight

- Everything is logged to a logfile that can be parsed later (eg. to generate graphs)

- rsh or ssh access to the filer is required

- You need quite a lot of screen space to get a decent view of the results, so adjust your console width and height

- Check the command-line options with the "--help" switch. things should be fairly self-explanatory


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- Tool


  • History *


- Released 2009-01-30

- Update 2009-02-03: bugfix for rsh.exe on Windows, renamed zip file to

- Update 2009-07-22: some minor bugfixes, also included NetApp/ and NetApp/ files and a .pdf doc


(Author: filip . sneppe (at) uptime . be) (3.5 MB) Download


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