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VSC Provisioning and Cloning PowerShell Cmdlets

The Virtual Storage Console (VSC) Provisioning and Cloning Application Programming Interface (API) was initially released with (Rapid Cloning Utility) RCU version 2.1.  The API is exposed using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).  This API can be thought of as a 'higher level' API which makes use of the NetApp Controller API (know as the Manage ONTAP SDK) and the VMware Virtual Center API (known as the VMware vSphere Web Services SDK).  Neither additional API is required for an application or script to consume the RCU API.


The RCU API is designed to be leveraged with the VMware vSphere Web Services SDK to offload the intricacies of storage object cloning while cloning virtual machines. To this end, the managed object reference returned by the VMware vSphere Web Services SDK is used to identify components in the vCenter Inventory. You can view this information using the Managed Object Browser on the vCenter server.


The documentation for the Provisioning and Cloning API is found in Appendix B of the NetApp Virtual Storage Console 2.1 for VMware vSphere Provisioning and Cloning Administration Guide.  A set of PowerShell cmdlets have been written that wrap calls into the API.  Attached below are two zip files containing the PowerShell cmdlets and some sample scripts of how to use it.


These cmdlets can be used in conjunction with the NetApp Data OnTap PowerShell Toolkit and the VMware vSphere PowerCLI to easily manage your Virtual Infrastructure.


These cmdlets are now deprecated.  To use the latest NetApp VSC PowerShell cmdlets go here:


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