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Data ONTAP Upgrade Utility

Data ONTAP Upgrade Utility (upgrade_ontap)


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The Data ONTAPTM Upgrade Utility (upgrade_ontap) is a perl script that provides a convenient method to upgrade to a newer version of Data ONTAP on NetApp filers from either a Unix or Windows computer. The NetApp filer to be upgraded should be running Data ONTAP Release 6.0 or later.


Advantages of Data ONTAP Upgrade Utility over current upgrade methods

  • single step

  • NFS mounts or CIFS drive mappings are not needed

  • only one upgrade file required - setup.exe


The current upgrade process is multi-step: copy the install script or setup.exe over to the filer, execute the script or setup.exe, and execute the download command from the filer. With upgrade_ontap, the entire upgrade operation is done with the one command.


Previously, you needed to create NFS mounts or CIFS drive mappings before you could proceed with an upgrade. With upgrade_ontap, you do not need to establish mounts or mappings; it uses http to transfer the upgrade to the filer.


Previously, you also had to choose which file to use - an install script or setup.exe - depending upon whether you were upgrading from a Unix or a Windows computer. With upgrade_ontap, you just use setup.exe in either case.




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