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<span style="color: #434343; ">Posted by Brian Gracely - Sr.Manager, Virtualization Architecture and Marketing</span>

As we head into the last days before VMworld 2009

, everyone is filling their schedules with sessions

, hands-on-labs

, keynotes

 and parties.

The vendor announcements

are already starting to hit the wires

.  The bands

are getting warmed up. The runners

are getting their legs stretched and tying up their shoes.  

So how many of you are fired up to hear about storage!?!? (crickets...??....anybody...??....Bueller??)  

Come on people, this is bits on spinning disks, you gotta be excited about that right!?!?

OK, no problem.  We understand that storage isn't the hot booth-babe of a show like VMworld.  But look at this, storage has grabbed the attention of one the highest profile online tech-media organizations, GigaOM




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